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Circular Scores

Circular Scores (2018)

A sound visualisation project which explores links between repetitive, musical motifs and organic, natural patterns. Within this imagery musical score is deconstructed and re-invented in order to visualise complex sounds within time and space. These music maps express sound layering, texture, tone, repetition and rhythm. They map music as circular rather than linear graphic score, with pitch as radius and time as circumference. 

Circular Score visualises Fratres by Arvo Pärt – a piece exploring the musical convention of variations on a theme. Within this set of works repeated motifs generate new diagrams, each image echoing the previous one. The disks both within and outside the etched score depict volume dynamics.

A Classic on Vinyl (2015) & A Farewell on Vinyl (2014)

A Classic on Vinyl is a series of etchings drawn from Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. A Farewell on Vinyl is developed from Farewell to Stromness by Peter Maxwell Davies. The Vinyl series are sister companions, both following the same rule structure. Whenever a motif within the music repeats, the score must form a new concentric circle, producing distinctive diagrammatic patterning. For both sets of prints the etched score is layered on top of a print taken from the original vinyl of the music, thereby feeding back into the cycle of listening, visualising, and re-creating.

Score for the Prayer (2013)

This notation draws inspiration from the repetitive actions of the berimbau– a percussion instrument used within the composition Oração by Mestre Toni Vargas. It is a Ladahina (or Prayer) to begin the Brazilian game of capoeira. Instead of concentric circles or echo diagrams, this score splinters off into constellation-like patterns, determined by the angle at which the individual motifs finish.


Synaesthetic Score (2015)

A score notating Madrigal by Gabriel Fauré, commissioned by the John Colet Singers and made in collaboration with Peter Bullett, a synesthete who sees key signatures in colour.


Score for la Fille (2015)

A screen printed score notating Claude Debussy's La Fille aux Chevaux de Lin.

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