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Solo Scores (2013-2015)

Score for the Prayer (2013)

This notation draws inspiration from the repetitive actions of the berimbau– a percussion instrument used within the composition Oração by Mestre Toni Vargas. It is a Ladahina (or Prayer) to begin the Brazilian game of capoeira. Instead of concentric circles or echo diagrams, this score splinters off into constellation-like patterns, determined by the angle at which the individual motifs finish.


Synaesthetic Score (2015)

A score notating Madrigal by Gabriel Fauré, commissioned by the John Colet Singers and made in collaboration with Peter Bullett, a synesthete who sees key signatures in colour.


Score for la Fille (2015)

A screen printed score notating Claude Debussy's La Fille aux Chevaux de Lin.

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