• Liz K Miller

The Soundsketch as audio-visual method

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

I propose a method of analysing my sylvan soundscape gatherings which I call soundsketching. A sketch is as a rough drawing, a preliminary study, or a tentative draft. These descriptions indicate a work in progress, unfinished and full of possibilities, as yet unresolved and ready for revisions. It is an open-ended form which prompts the viewer regarding the sketch to contemplate what might come next – the future of this work hangs in the air. The name of the process – soundsketching – indicates the incompleteness of the visual and values the changing, in-progress character of a sketch, never perfect, always a trial of an idea that leads to further work, part of a gathering of information, diagrams, notes and experiments. The sketches are one part of an incomplete, ever-evolving whole. The limitations of a soundsketch are its inability to reproduce neither the sense of space, nor the temporal experience of listening to a soundscape. Through the sketches I seek to draw out fragments of the sound, make these more accessible, and explore the less noticeable edges of the soundscape. The sketches celebrate a unique moment in time never to be repeated. The unfinished characteristic of the term soundsketch embraces the shifting quality of sound.

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