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Listening inside the Earth

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Sylvan Sound #4: Rain inside the Forest Earth

The forest has an incredible capacity to retain water. Today in Blackheath forest, during a summer down-pour, the heavy rain pummelled areas of sandy open ground, whilst the understory was protected beneath the dense foliage of the canopy. Rain droplets crackled against leaves and branches, gradually dripping and trickling down to the forest floor. This slowing and stemming of the rain storm protected the ground from being washed away as was happening on the road leading to the forest where temporary flowing streams formed during the deluge. As the rain storm ended the dripping crackle on the open ground ended, whereas within the forest the drip drop continued. Water pooled on leaves and blobs continued falling to the ground. Each blob and drip an unflustered, un-hurried flood defence.

To hear the sound of the rain storm hitting the sandy earth of the forest track click here

27th July 2019

Blackheath Forest, Surrey Hills

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