• Liz K Miller

Listening inside a Puddle

Sylvan Sound: Rain inside a Forest Puddle

A whole world of sound bounces around this forest puddle. The rain crackles as it hits the water’s surface. Closer sounds of plinking rain droplets that fall near to the hydrophones nestled in the puddle. At times the droplets are a light thud, at times a high delicate splash, each one individual, each sound unique. The puddle soundscape swells with moments of intensity as the rhythm of the rainfall moves from heavy to light, back to heavy, and back to light, constantly changing, never static. The puddle itself is also constantly changing, growing as the rain continues to fall, then gradually soaking into the forest floor as it is absorbed by the earth. In time, the water will be absorbed by the surrounding trees and plant roots, beginning its cyclical journey back up through the sylvan xylem tubes, before evaporating back into the air via the leaves.

From inside the watery world of this puddle the outside world seems distant. The plane rumbles, train honks, and bird calls are muted and yet simultaneously well-defined from a distance, meaning that their most interesting tones are extracted to become a soothing background feature, allowing the crackle and plink of the rain to take centre-stage within the ever-changing forest-floor puddle.

7th June 2019

Blackheath Forest, Surrey Hills

To hear this sound file click here

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