• Liz K Miller

Listening in the Forest

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Within the project Forest Listening, I am exploring the essential relationship between humans and trees, and thinking about the magnificence, importance and vulnerability of the forest ecosystem. Through the artwork I consider our perception of woodland environments, the benefits they bring us, and the importance of our combined futures.

Using field recording, I gather an audio archive of water in its various states and stages as it passes through trees within the forest hydrological cycle. Listening to the forest is intrinsic to this process. I then translate the sonic data into visual mapping artworks.

Forests play a vital role in maintaining air quality as well as combatting flooding, desertification, extreme weather and global warming. Within this era of climate and ecological breakdown, this artwork acknowledges a time in which humans are radically and permanently changing the conditions and structure of the surface of the earth, affecting the capacity and ability for life to flourish. Through the combination of field recording and sound-visualisation, this sensory-immersive art practice seeks to highlight the structure, complexity, and fragility of these essential ecosystems, re-connecting humans with our non-human companion species – the trees.

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