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'Forest Listening' coming to Watts Gallery

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Forest Listening is coming soon to Limnerslease woodland at Watts Artist Village.

This installation draws to a close my year working as a featured artist with Surrey Hills Arts.

A temporary audio visual installation in the woods.

Monday 7 September – Sunday 4 October. Free.

Watts Gallery, Down Lane, Compton, Surrey GU3 1DQ.

As you approach the gallery, the nearest car park is on your left signposted Limnerslease Studios.

The project has been an exploration of alternative ways to listen to trees. During the summer of 2019, I recorded the many and varied sounds made by trees in Blackheath Forest in the Surrey Hills. By downloading the sound file from the smartify app or the Surrey Hills Arts website, you can hear a recording of a rainstorm, recorded from beneath the sandy forest floor. The hanging banners hidden in Limnerlease woodland are visual interpretations of this sound recording showing the pitch and volume of the raindrops as they crash into the forest earth. 

Through this artwork, I'm asking questions of our relationship to trees:

How can we reconnect to trees?

Can we re-learn their value and importance as the climate and ecology of the world breaks down?

Can the simple act of listening reignite our interest in these fascinating and complex living beings?

You can find more information and download the soundscape at:


The sounds are best listened to with headphones, plugged into your phone so you can moving amongst the banner installations at your own pace, immersed in the soundscape. Please take care of the fixing cords and uneven ground.

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