• Liz K Miller

Listening to Creaking Pines

Sylvan Sound: Creaking Pine Trees

The pine trees had grown so close together that they touched. Their trunks each about 10 cm wide, their height about 2 meters. The wind easily swayed them back and forth. Rain droplets popped as they dropped from the pine needles, hitting lower needles and branches as they fell. This morning’s rain showers left the bark of the pines soft and saturated with water. As the wind pushed the pines, they rubbed against each other, their water-saturated barks vibrating together creating the squeaking creak. To find creaking trees conditions have to be perfect, with just enough water and wind, combined with the proximity and age of the trees. Even though this creak was an audible sylvan sound, it was so easily missed when walking past the pine trees. In searching for the sound source, I had to go right inside the pine thicket and listen to each branch. I could hear gusts of wind approaching from the rustling swell of the surrounding birch leaves. From this swell of sound, I could anticipate the creak of the pines.

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8th May 2019

Blackheath Forest, Surrey Hills

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