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Forest Listening

Forest Listening is an audio-visual installation that explores the essential relationship between humans and trees. What is it like being a root in a rainstorm? What does a raindrop sound like from under the forest floor? The sound of rain crashing into dry earth was recorded in the Forest of Mar, Scotland, during the 2018 summer drought. Hanging banners visualise fragments of the soundscape, creating a multi-sensory experience of raindrops crashing into the dry earth. Within this work, listening is used as a method for reconnection with the woodland environment, and sound visualisation of audio recordings is used to discover and reveal the hidden and unnoticed sonic depths of the sylvan forest. The resulting artwork provides an alternative perspective of trees, creating a catalyst for dialogue around the importance of forests in the time of climate and ecological breakdown.

The project was developed from June 2019 to October 2020 in partnership with Surrey Hills Arts. It was made possible with the support of AHRC Techne Doctoral Training Partnership, Watts Gallery & Artist Village and the National Trust.

Forest Listening - Sept. 2020

Limnerslease Woodland

Watts Gallery & Artist’s Village, Compton

Forest Listening - March 2020

(Eco)logical Sense Exhibition

Hockney Gallery, Kensington, London

Co-curated by Charlotte dos Santos and Tere Chad of Sustain Lab, Royal College of Art. 

Forest Listening - August 2019

Blackheath Forest, Surrey Hills AONB

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