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Woodland Sound - Woodland Colour #2 (2024)

Field Recording #2: Woodpecker & Lawnmower

Woodland Sound – Woodland Colour is an audio-visual response to the Suffolk woodland for the Suffolk Reverie Art Prize, using the techniques of field recording and sound diagramming. The artwork diagrammatically explores sound recordings to expand listening beyond the auditory and into the visual.


Over three days in March 2024, Liz K Miller made field recordings in the woodland. She was listening out for animal sounds, earth sounds, human sounds and tree sounds which, combined, reveal an audio portrait of the woodland. Two recordings were then selected for diagrammatical analysis. 

The Suffolk Reverie Art Prize was commissioned by Fox Yard Studio in collaboration with Modece Architects.

For the prize, six artists were selected to create artwork inspired by a 5-acre woodland site on the Suffolk Coast from March to May 2024.

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